Curtis Kam

Curtis Kam

Curtis Cam

Working without bunnies, boxes, or busty blondes, master manipulator Curtis Kam creates deep astonishment and pure magic for discriminating audiences all over the civilized world. He serves up the expertly crafted mysteries and gourmet food for thought craved by modern imaginations. Gone are the tired Las Vegas clichés, the parade of shining “empty” boxes, the vacant, staring animals. Instead, enter a lost world of genuine wonder where ordinary objects do extraordinary things, complete strangers know what you are thinking, and sensible adults do stupid things with a large rat trap.

The Wizard of Waikiki

Kam headlined “Magic in Paradise” at the Hale Koa Hotel for 13 years, performed tableside sleight-of-hand regularly at Dave and Buster’s, Tony Roma’s, TGI Fridays, and has entertained corporate and private audiences in Hawaii for over 40 years. He has designed illusions for “The Magic of Polynesia,” Honolulu marketing and media firms, trade shows, conventions, Ballet Hawaii, and Hawaii Opera Theater. Since 1989, he has performed as one-half of the mentalism and magic team Paranormal Guys with mythical radio personality Jon Kealoha. For even longer, he has created new magic and has lectured to magicians in Milan, Tokyo, Marseilles, Honolulu, California, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Washington, Las Vegas, Hollywood’s Magic Castle and London’s Magic Circle.

The Smart Choice is a Smarter Entertainer

He owes his education to Yale University (B.S. In Biopsychology) The William S. Richardson School of Law (J.D.) and a sketchy group of grifters, jugglers, con men, comedians and magicians. In his spare time, he is a trial attorney, and has served as magical and legal consultant to the Hawaii Skeptics, advising scientists on the detection of fraud in the investigation of claims of the paranormal.